About Us

Today's business decision makers are overwhelmed with information, which makes them less efficient and less productive. FactSummary increases the value of organizations' existing knowledge resources through comprehensive fact filtering that increases effectiveness and saves time by automatically finding and organizing the most important sentences in news stories, articles and documents. Our proven technology isn't just a keyword search tool - FactSummary's patented sophisticated analytics empower organizations to provide consistent and predictable levels of detail and importance in their content access and presentation and to customize information to meet their business goals.

Solving information overload

Information overload reduces the perceived value of content because users become overwhelmed by data. We solve the problem by empowering users to spend their time using information, not finding it! Our technology can customize any electronic document, from Web pages to articles to pdfs, and works on all devices and screens, from iPad to Firefox. Not only have we the patented the automatic categorization of facts in online text, but we also tested our technology on over 10 million articles and documents even before we launched the company.

Why existing summary technologies fail

We are often asked "what's wrong with what's out there today?" In one word: everything. In fact, existing summary technologies actually compound the confusion and add to information overload because they don't have a predictable way to analyze materials by level of detail and importance. Any solutions that are focused on writing style and concepts cause the specific needs of the readers to be ignored. 

Working with FactSummary

We not only provide the best technology in the industry, but we have also built our reputation on reducing our customers' frustrations by providing customer service, hands-on support and training at every stage of a deployment, and offering unequalled customization options. We don't just sell software – we are a true partner for our customers. We offer full customization to help users derive the maximum benefit from their investment, and our customers are an integral part of our product design process.