Manage and Monetize Content on a Granular Level

FactSummary increases the value and reach of news publisher's content through patented fact categorization and fact filtering.  News publishers can monetize content through innovative content packaging that users cannot find anywhere on the internet for free.  News publishers can also save valuable editor time for processing information using FactSummary technology.
FactSummary has been summarizing and evaluating news sentence quality since 1999.  FactSummary's summaries of news articles are 95% accurate; that is, the system selects 95% of the sentences that our staff would select manually.  In the past 14 years, our news summarization has never lost in countless evaluations against other summarization options.  Our news summary uniquely shows specific key facts by category of reader interest exponentially increasing the value of the summary (patented). 


highlighter FactSummary creates a smart summary by highlighting answers to questions one would ask after scanning a headline screen
3 pens FactSummary instantly finds and underlines the exact facts you need using new fact customization technology that's more accurate than AI machine learning  
equals Conquer 5 to 50 times the workload